3 Bedroom Bungalow

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3 Bedroom Bungalow

Posted by Brindamour Alyson on Sunday, 19 January, 2020 21:01:03

4 million Naira built a 3 bedroom Bungalow, the same amount won't build a 3 bedroom twin duplex (not decked). Because technically a 3B twin duplex is two 3 bungalows joined together. So types of houses is important. If you would like to know the various type of houses in the country you should read up Types of houses.

Make your dream come true, this 3 bedroom bungalow house is very compact in it's layout as all the features of a complete home fits in 73 sq.m. floor area.

About 3 Bedroom Bungalow !!!!! 3 Bedroom 1 bath bungalow with full basement for storage. Great yard. Block away from O'Hair Park. Pet negotiable with fee. $50 non-refundable app fee, $275 non-refundable cleaning fee, $125 doc prep fee.

Awesome 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plans In the Philippines - The adults are given by the master suite at the house a retreat, with walk-in closets private b Sunday, December 8 2019 Trending

3-Bedroom Bungalow House Concept No. 3. Another version of concept 1, this house has a total floor area of 98 square meters. With 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bath, dining, kitchen, living room and carport for 1. With these 3 house concepts, for now you have already an idea of what your future house look like, how big, and what features you want.

This Three Bedroom Bungalow House Design is 140 square meters in total floor area. This includes the porch and lanai at the back. Design to be single detached, it can be accommodated in a lot with 16.1 meters frontage with and 18.3 meters depth.