Bars Bed Stuy

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Bars Bed Stuy

Posted by Brune Amite on Sunday, 19 January, 2020 11:11:44

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT — When Calvin Clark decided to open a second bar, he didn't look to expand in pricey Fort Greene, home of his popular drinking spot Mo's. Instead, he looked east. To Bed-Stuy

Bar LunÀtico might have earned the title of best bar in Bed-Stuy for its cocktail menu alone. The seductive Shewolf is bitter, floral, and tangy, with small-batch Petal & Thorn vermouth accented by

Part cocktail bar, part restaurant, part coffee shop, and part live music venue, Bar Lunatico is easily one of the most fun places to hang out in Bed-Stuy right now. It's a very narrow little space, so if your priority is to settle in for a night of drinking and snacking and music-enjoying here, show up on the earlier side.

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT — Bed-Stuy is bringing the heat this summer with a plethora of spots to kick back with a cold one. Whether you're looking for a backyard beer garden, weekend barbecue

Bed-Stuy is a sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood that, while not quite a dining destination, has a solid roster within its expansive confines of reliable, interesting food options to keep on rotation

Bed-Stuy cannot be narrowed down. From Classon to Broadway, from Flushing to Atlantic, there is an incredible range of restaurants, bars and cafés. Whether one is looking for vegan comfort food, a British-style pub, or an expertly executed egg sandwich, the neighborhood nails it all. Bed-Vyne Cocktail 305 Halsey St.