Dragon Age Bedroom Key

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Dragon Age Bedroom Key

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Dragon Age Inquisition - Grand Balcony Key - Chateau d'Onterre (Chateau dOnterre). A quick (quick as I could make it) video on how to find the elusive quest items (I'm sure most people are looking

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The bedroom doors are between the bedroom and the main hall, and the bedroom and the children's bedroom. After you have created the small house you can create a key for your house at the workbench you used to create your house. The same key is used to lock the bedroom doors.

Description: This quest will officially appear in your journal after collecting all five documents and you should think about completing AFTER unlocking full access to the proving grounds.You'll have to find a Commission report in [Orzammar - Hall of heroes] (M47, 6), a Document in [Orzammar - Commons] (M48, 14), a Writ of censure in [Orzammar - Commons - Proving grounds] (M51, 7), an Assembly

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