How To Change The Color Of Your Bathroom Sink

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How To Change The Color Of Your Bathroom Sink

Posted by Braley Adelisa on Monday, 14 October, 2019 18:21:52

Plan Carefully. The counter is so large and so close to the bathroom mirror that its color should be good with your coloring. Don't choose anything that makes you look sickly and nothing so bright you can't look at it for long. It is important to allow two to three weeks of cure time before using the counter.

For best results, choose a paint color that closely matches the original color of the sink. If you want to change an outdated color, reapply thin coats of enamel until the surface is completely covered. Keep a small amount of paint on hand in case the overcoat chips, showing the original paint beneath.

Remove your faucet and any old caulk from the counter. Scrub the sink and counter with comet and a sponge and rinse well. Then scrub with Lime-Away and an abrasive sponge; rinse well.

Yes, you can change the color of your sink! However, if you want the coating to last for years and also make your sink look like new, you would use substances like those that were used when the original finish was applied.

Many are stock in the Home Depot stores. The online catalog has dozens of tops available, as well as top vanity combinations at special pricing. It would seem "penny wise and pound foolish" to invest $40 or so for an epoxy based sink paint when a whole new top could be had for very little more.

Call us at 480 835 7070 to schedule a visit to your home to share the wide variety of colors and textures to choose from. To order this special color paint, we need ten days to receive the paint. The cultured marble tub and shower pan floor below is Mexican Sand Color and the tub surround and shower walls is a Latte color texture.