Mantua Adjustable Bed


Mantua Adjustable Bed

Posted by Brusse Ancelina on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 12:08:39

Construction. The Rize Contemporary II adjustable bed is built from a steel base with a poly foam liner around the edges and an upholstered polyester cover.The foundation contains two motors (one for the head and one for the feet), as well. Additionally, this adjustable bed's platform, is broken into five different sections, allowing for easier transitions from flat to incline or decline.

About The Rize Clarity Power Adjustable Bed Bases with Height Adjustability Rize Clarity Adjustable Bed Bases are new, economically priced, full-featured adjustable bed bases with telescoping legs that allow for height adjustability. that support foam, latex, and compressed coil mattresses.

All of Mantua's products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Manufacturer Warranties.Certain Products manufactured by third parties are warranted by those manufacturers (the "Manufacturer Warranties").Those Manufacturer Warranties include warranties provided for Rize adjustable beds.

Get the right bedding support, right now. Better sleep starts with getting the right support under your mattress. Each of our products is made from high-quality, strength-tested materials, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Adjustable beds are an indispensable component for many sleepers. The term refers to any bed base or foundation that can be raised at the head and/or foot in order to create different angles for sleeping. Additionally, many adjustable beds made today come with a wide range of customizable features.

TIMING: You'll receive your adjustable base in about 2 to 3 weeks, anywhere in the continental 48 states that's road accessible.Check your zip code for an estimated delivery date. IN-HOME WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY: It's super easy; the delivery team will bring in and place your new adjustable base into your room of choice, unpack it and take away the packaging.