Pillar Bedding

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Pillar Bedding

Posted by Brussel Andre on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 23:14:46

This is a complete kit for pillar bedding most variations of Remington stocks. Kit includes 2 pillars, installation tools, 2-part epoxy, release agent,

Pillar Bedding Sleeves - 9/16" Aluminum Be the first to review this product Strong, lightweight aluminum sleeves provide a rock-solid fit between bottom metal and action to maximize accuracy from your hunting or target rifle.

Pillar installation assists in accuracy as it prevents crushing of the stock and prevent stress cracks. Pillars also keep the action from twisting or moving. Consistency is key in accuracy. These are just the pillars, they are 1/2" (.4995) in diameter and made of 6061 aluminum.

If you complete your pillar bedding job in just one step, (by bedding both the action and the pillars simultaneously, with just one application of epoxy), the exact location of your pillars within the stock will be determined while Hundreds of Pounds of pressure are being applied to the receiver by the trigger guard screws.

A really good standard bedding job cam be just as accurate as a pillar bedding job on the same gun . Where the pillars can be better is in maintaining accuracy longer . Also higher screw torque can be used on metal pillars as opposed to soft wood or flimsy plastic stocks which can sometimes produce better groups .

Here are the contents of the "Bed Heads" Aluminum Pillar Bedding Kit. On the left, are the front and the rear pillars. These pillars are 1/2" outside diameter, X 5/16" (.312") inside diameter. Next are the Teflon sleeves, these sleeves are .312" OD X .250" ID.