The Most Expensive Bedroom In The World

Here are the 5 most expensive beds in the world

The Most Expensive Bedroom In The World

Posted by Brasier Adreanna on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 22:44:27

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world to rent a two-bedroom apartment, according to a report from Deutsche Bank. Average rent prices in Wellington and Dublin increased over 20% since last year but Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Melbourne all had at least 9% decreases in rent.

Top 10 Most Expensive Beds in The World 10 Quantum Sleeper. 9 Jado Steel Style Gold. 8 Sphere Bed. 7 Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed. 6 Monarch V-Spring. 5 Cosmovoide Bed. 4 Majesty VI-Spring. 3 Parnian Furniture Bed. 2 Magnetic Floating Bed. 1 Baldacchino Supreme Bed.

Top Three Facts about the Fourth Most Expensive House in the World: it was used in The Godfather, JFK spent his honeymoon there, and (holy crap, get this): it's the most expensive home in the US!. It features three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms (you have to supply your own horse heads har har har), movie theater and, for some reason, a disco.

15 of the Most Expensive Homes in the World for Sale From Bel Air to Barbados, from Hong Kong to the Hamptons, here are the priciest listings on the planet.

Most Expensive Beds In The World #10 Sphere Bed ~ Price: $50,000. #9 Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed ~ Price: $50,000. #8 Monarch V-Spring Bed ~ Price: $50,000. #7 Cosmovoide Bed ~ Price: $60,000. #6 Majesty VI-Spring Bed ~ Price: $84,425. #5 Quantum Sleeper Bed ~ Price: $160,000. #4

San Francisco, with rent of $3,449, was crowned the most expensive city to rent a two-bedroom apartment in the world, followed by China's Hong Kong and the US's New York City, according to a