The White House Painting

Painting of President Lincoln under the North Portico - White House Historical Association

The White House Painting

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Hide Transcript. To freshen up the exterior, it would take 570 gallons of paint. It would cost more than $20,000 just for the paint alone. The white housing grounds are technically a national park called, President's Park. An impressive 18 acres lie within the White House fence. Can you imagine mowing that lawn.

(The painting that was saved was a copy Stuart made of the painting, not the original, although it is the same one on display in the East Room.) "A dozen descendants of Jennings came to Washington, to visit the White House. They looked at the painting their relative helped save."

The White House gets a facelift! At the First Lady's request, the White House will receive a new coat of paint. Laura Bush kicked off the painting ceremony saying, "There's just something elegant about green." The White House is your house, so tell us what you think. For Sale: Spy Plane

Interior designer Michael S. Smith distinguished a half-timbered house in Beverly Hills, California, by painting the timbers a warm tan hue to contrast with the white stucco and brickwork.

Answer Wiki. The last major painting of the White House's exterior was in 1989, after the existing 40-odd layers of paint had been stripped away as part of a multi-year restoration project ahead of the mansion's bicentennial celebration.

Oct 15, 2018 · Painting of Trump with past Republican presidents hangs in White House, '60 Minutes' viewers saw. During Trump's interview with "60 Minutes," viewers might have seen a painting showing the