What Girls Want In Bed

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What Girls Want In Bed

Posted by Briere Allison on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 19:14:59

Over the years, I have realized that women tend to focus on the romantic, emotional side of sex, whereas men just want to make it happen. So what can you do about what men really want in bed when it comes to rushing the process? Try to find a balance.

What do girls crave in bed, but are too shy to ask?From Wild Rides to literal butt-kissing, 15 real women give guys an idea of what women want during sex. Make some of these ideas your own—then

The truth about what women want in bed lies less in technique and even more so in the attitude. She craves your confidence.. A woman doesn't expect a man to read her mind, but rather maintain a

What girls want in bed? Maybe girls like wild things in the bedroom or maybe they are tame. There are many different types of it, and there is no right way. Guys let's face it we never ask a

And as a result, you may have no idea what the person you're sleeping with really wants—or doesn't want—in the sack. To help you both out, we asked 20 women what they secretly crave in bed.

If you want to find out what to say to turn your man on even more in bed, then you have to read this list of the steamy things men like to hear in bed! In the bedroom, there are certain things a girl cay say that will turn a guy on much more.